Who We Are 
Allmond Aviation, LLC conducts flight instruction under FAR Part 61 but to 141 quality. We provide the highest quality of flight instruction at a competitive price. We believe the training you will receive at this flight school is among the best you will find anywhere. Flight instruction is our sole purpose and it enables us to offer students professional flight instruction without neglecting personal attention. We are one of the rare flight schools that have a staff of full-time instructors working around the clock to help you meet your aviation goals. We do not do accelerated training, as we know everyone learns at a different pace. Because of this you will walk (or fly) away feeling confident in your abilities no matter what training you were working on.

Our Staff 

We currently staff full time and part time flight instructors that are ready to help you acheive your goals. Every student is different, as instructors we understand that, and are here to help you no matter what your style of learning is. We create lesson plans for each person individually, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Our instructors have a wide range aviation backgrounds and experience in different typs of aircraft and knowledge in different flight enviroments.